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La Chaire de Cyberdéfense et Cybersécurité Saint-Cyr, Sogeti, Thales

Chinese Cybersecurity and Defense

Daniel Ventre
Chinese Cybersecurity and Defense
320 pages, July 2014 - Wiley ISTE
ISBN: 978-1-8482-1614-3

Cyberdefense has become, over the past five years, a major issue on the international scene. China, by the place it occupies, is the subject of attention : it is observed, criticized, and designated by many states as a major player in the global cyber-insecurity. The United States is building their cyberdefense strategy against what they call the "Chinese threat." It is therefore important to better understand today’s challenges related to cyber dimension in regard of the rise of China.
Contributions from international researchers provide cross perspectives on China, its strategies and policies for cybersecurity and cyberdefense. These issues have now gained major strategic dimension :
Is Cyberspace changing the scene of international relations ?
How China does apprehend cybersecurity and cyberdefense ?
What are the issues, challenges ?
What is the role of China in the global cyberspace ?