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La Chaire de Cyberdéfense et Cybersécurité Saint-Cyr, Sogeti, Thales

Our partners

Created in 1802, Écoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, Grande École du Commandement, trains officers that are able to discern reality in situations of complexity, make decisions in situations of uncertainty, and take action even in the face of adversity.

Recognized for this public utility, the Saint-Cyr Foundation (Fondation Saint-Cyr) aims to promote research within the Écoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan and the Defense through an expanded partnership with the civil sector, especially businesses.

Sogeti is a world leader in IT services and product engineering, specializing in the management of applications and infrastructure, consulting in technology, cybersecurity, and testing.

"The new challenges presented by cyberthreats converge in both the military and civilian worlds. They use the same tools of attack, same methods, and same patterns. Écoles Militaires de Saint-Cyr offers a major opportunity for businesses to include information security system concerns in the broader context of leadership training and pursue them for the purposes of the greater good. These issues are of considerable importance for economic actors. When these types of security issues are not addressed, they can undermine the confidence of citizens and consumers. Confidence is a value found in DNA of the Armed Forces. Sogeti is proud and honored to spearhead this joint initiative with the Écoles Militaires and Thales.”

Luc-François SALVADOR, Chairman and CEO of the Sogeti Group, on July 2nd, 2012 (Quote translated from French)

Thales is a world leader in advanced technology for the defense and security markets as well as the aerospace and transport markets.

“We are very happy to have helped create this ambitious academic project. Recent events have shown how the issues of cyberdefense and cybersecurity are critical both in the military and civilian domains. The combined efforts of three major players like Saint-Cyr, Sogeti and Thales, each complementary to each other, should enable us to develop innovative approaches to better meet these new challenges.

The expertise of 1,500 Thales engineers, specialized in the security of information systems and networks, is a resource that the Chair has already leveraged to carry out its research and training activities. Thales’s international presence can also facilitate its reach and help to develop academic cooperation worldwide.”

Pascale Sourisse, Senior Vice President, Secure Communications and Information Systems, CEO Thales Communications, on July 2nd, 2012 (Quote translated from French)