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La Chaire de Cyberdéfense et Cybersécurité Saint-Cyr, Sogeti, Thales

Rights and sovereignty in the age of the Internet : What challenges does Europe face ?

Seminar "Rights and sovereignty in the age of the Internet : What challenges does Europe face ?” Organized as an activity of the European Union Jean Monnet Chair "Union européenne et société de l’Information" of Télécom Bretagne with the assistance of the Saint-Cyr Chair of Cyberdefense and Cybersecurity, Sogeti, Thales. Rennes September 12th, 2014

Can the European Union and its Member States protect their citizens from network monitoring by the NSA ? Should we "de-globalize” personal data to better protect ourselves ? How can we "territorialize" the earnings of web giants to force them to pay their fair portion of taxes in the countries where they operate ? What chances of success does a European Digital Library have in the face of Google Books ? To what extent should we ensure Net Neutrality ?

The issue of sovereignty is regularly discussed when looking at the evolution of the Internet. The plethora of terms and newly-coined words used to describe concepts like digital, informational and personal sovereignty, and the sovereign cloud (“cloud souverain”), demonstrate the questions surrounding the borders of sovereignty brought about by the internet. Faced with various forms of technical, economic and political pressures on the internet, Europe (the EU and the Council of Europe) is naturally pushed to assert itself given its size, skills and values. The EU is clearly looking to build independence, strengthen its power of decision-making and control in regards to its relations with third States and their businesses. Is valuing defense compatible with valuing openness (and it should be noted that the internet was founded on openness) ? When examining the term digital sovereignty, one can see competition between the concepts of digital and sovereignty. Is there a risk that the contradiction between the two can be a source of balkanization of the Internet ? These questions will be discussed in the three seminar sessions that will cover, respectively, values and society, territory and markets, and finally defense and security.